Welcome to Biobt's Investor Corner

Dear Investors,
Thank you for your interest in Biobt, a dynamic bootstrap startup committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through cutting-edge technology. At this moment, we are not actively seeking external investment as our primary focus is on organic growth and the development of our core offerings.

Our Vision: Advancing Healthcare Through Innovation

At BioBT, we are driven by a passion to enhance patient care and diagnostic processes. Our immediate goal is to establish a robust machine line and conduct floor-level testing. This approach allows us to refine and perfect our technology before considering external investments, ensuring a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Pioneering AI Tools and Software Features

Our dedicated team is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare technology. We are actively developing AI tools and software features that are not yet available in the market. These innovations aim to provide patients with instant and accurate diagnostic reports, expediting the healthcare process for better outcomes.

Why BioBT?

  •  1:   Commitment to Quality: Our focus on rigorous testing and development ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

  •  2:   Innovation at the Forefront: We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the field, consistently pushing the envelope to introduce novel solutions that address critical   healthcare challenges.

  •  3:   Patient-Centric Approach: Our ultimate goal is to empower patients by delivering timely and precise diagnostic information, facilitating quicker decision-making   for healthcare professionals.

While we are not currently open to external investments, we appreciate your interest in Biobt. As we progress through our development and testing phases, we will carefully consider strategic partnerships and investment opportunities that align with our mission and values.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we work towards reshaping the future of healthcare.

Biobt Team